Turning Cosplay Into Alternative Modeling Choices

Have you ever looked at cosplay photos online and thought it would be really fun to dress up as your favorite characters? Did you know that with alternative modeling you could actually turn that into a career choice?

For those not familiar with the term, cosplay is short for costume play. It’s when fans of particular characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, comics, dress up and sometimes act like them at conventions and other gatherings. It may seem a bit silly or weird to some people but for others it’s just plain fun. In alternative modeling though, there are possibilities to take cosplay and actually turn it into a paycheck.

When comic-cons start springing up, a lot of the groups involved need what are known as ‘booth babes’ or ‘promotional models’. These are models in alternative modeling that are paid to dress up and hang out at particular booths or exhibits and try and attract visitors. They want women with a particular look and that sex appeal that they know will bring focus to them. Depending on what the clients are involved in, you could be dressing up like anything from Princess Peach from the Mario Brothers games to a sexed up version of Harley Quinn of DC comics fame. The alternative modeling possibilities here are truly endless.

As with everything out there, there’s always an adult version available. Alternative modeling is a great way to get acquainted with the companies out there that take these same cosplay ideas and turn them into nude modeling sites. Because as you might have guessed, men that like comics and video games often also love porn – so what better way than to sandwich the two together!

Whether you’re looking to get paid to act like someone else for the enjoyment of others or just want to strip it all off, there’s plenty of agencies looking to hire sexy, geeky women in alternative modeling. There really is something for everyone out there, you just have to find what you find to be most interesting.