Dip your toe in: Bare Foot Fetish Modeling

It’s the big day, your first show as a foot fetish model is moments away from starting. Your feet are looking cute and you are feeling sexy (and probably a little nervous!). What are you going to do for the webcam?


Since it’s your first day, let’s keep the killer heels on the shelf and talk about the bare foot and how much of your foot fetish clientele loves the simplicity of the naked, sexy female foot.
Bare foot fetish models don’t need to have perfect feet to succeed in webcam modeling; in fact, having quirky feet might be your biggest asset! When you are showing off your sexy feet and toes, try and keep it feeling natural. Remember, success in fetish modeling is about pushing your comfort level gradually. When you are just starting out modeling your bare feet, try wiggling your toes! There are four basic moves you can master with simply your toes and soles of your feet that will excite your customers and put you on your way to confident foot fetish modeling.


  1. The spread. As simple as it sounds. Spread your toes as wide as you can and really let the camera get a good close up. Be prepared to hold your feet in place for the webcam. It’s really important to establish yourself as a personality for your foot fetish clientele, so start describing each of your toes for the camera. If you’ve got a second toe that’s longer than your big toe (like me!) make sure you point that out, and wiggle them both to let everyone see.
  2. The crunch. Take your toes and ball them up into little fists. Open and close your toes for the camera. I know it sounds silly, but these basic bare foot fetish modeling moves let your clientele get a really good look at the shape of your feet and toes, and on the most basic level, that’s what they want to know about you first and foremost. It’s okay to get a little silly here…try and pick up a pen, or a hairbrush and your clientele will let you know what they want!
  3. Arched Sole. Stretch the sole of your foot so the skin is taut and smooth for the webcam. Either do this one with your foot in the air and stretch out your foot, or put your toes on the ground and stretch your sole, as if you are wearing an invisible high heel shoe.
  4. Wrinkled sole. This look is a really big turn-on for a big portion for a large portion of your foot fetish clientele, and it’s simple to master. Just curl your toes downward and wrinkle the soles of your foot! Remember this look as one of the secret weapons of foot fetish modeling!

When you are doing bare foot fetish modeling webcam shows, it’s important to ask your clients what they like and what else you could be doing to make them happy. A satisfied customer whose needs are taken care of will stay with you (and keep paying you) for a long time!

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