Familiarize Yourself With Fetishes Involved in Alternative Modeling


Interested in being a fetish model but think it’s just going to be all adult work? Think again! There are many misconceptions in alternative modeling areas such as fetish modeling where people think it’s all mainly hardcore material. Just because the word ‘fetish’ is in there doesn’t mean that sex will be involved. There are many agencies out there that are looking for alternative models for softcore material and nude alternative modeling as well.


The important thing before jumping into any fetish modeling work is to get online and look to see what is out there. This is good to do for all alternative modeling venues of course, but is rather important with alternative fetish modeling because the specific niches you accept work in will depend on what you feel comfortable with doing.


Ask yourself – What fetishes are you okay being a model for? Are you okay with being nude? With simulated masturbation? Sex? – You’re in charge of what you want to model as far as those respects go.


Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you have to take any work that comes your way. Just because you say no to something that’s outside of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you won’t get more work.

There are numerous niches in alternative fetish modeling with new ones popping up all of the time. If you keep on top of things and stay in people’s good graces, you will find alternative modeling work.

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