Flaunt Your Tattoo Work in Alternative Modeling


It can be a real pain when in this day and age places still have you choosing between how you look and a job. Be glad that a career in alternative modeling is becoming a booming choice! One of the most common forms of body modification is tattoo work. Think of the many adults in your life and how many of them have at least one tattoo? It would probably be easier to tally up those who don’t have one! Even with as common as they are, there are still modeling companies that don’t want girls to have any ink work done. With alternative modeling you’re able to put those work worries away and express yourself in your looks any way you want


┬áVarious places have their reasons as to why tattooed models aren’t hired. Some are specifically looking for clean cut, ‘innocent’ looking models and perhaps their demographic isn’t interested in girls into tattoo modeling. It’s best to not approach these places. Mainly, it’s a waste of your time. No reason to go to try and be signed at a place that isn’t interested in fetish models (and yes, those into tattoo modeling and alternative modeling would be considered fetish models). They’re going to tell you ‘no thanks’. Save yourself the trouble. Along with time, some places that do mainstream modeling simply aren’t able to get the kind of jobs in the alternative modeling field as agencies specifically tailored for this kind of niche would be able to.


It’s in your best interest to research the numerous modeling agencies and companies out there and see if they have specific types of models they want. If you’re serious about tattoo modeling and alt modeling, there are plenty of places that will want fetish models like you! Don’t let some people in the industry lead you to believe you’ll be working for no-name, make nothing companies either. The rise of fetish models and the consumers that want these hot alterna-babes in their work makes the call for hiring such models on high demand.


If you love expressing your true self through tattoo work, piercings, dyed hair, any of the above, and want to be a model – it’s in your best interest to look for alternative modeling agencies. Deal with someone that knows the industry, knows what is actively being sought after and how to get your name and image out there. By being familiar with things in the industry you can avoid wasting time and get busy starting (or furthering) your career in alternative modeling.

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