Is Fetish Work Right For You?

The world economy has been going through a downshift and most of us have experienced at least some of the fallout. Living day to day is more expensive and many people have lost their jobs. More and more, people are relying on several smaller jobs in order to bring money into the home. Fetish jobs are becoming more popular with women who would traditionally not be involved in the sex industry. But fetish work can be the perfect job for an open minded woman. Fetish jobs rarely are about actual sex, making fetish work more appealing to women who might be married or in a relationship.


There are many types of fetish jobs to choose from. One type of fetish work is alternative modeling where something specific about you is being focused on. Tattoos, piercings, specific hair and clothing styles – these are all a popular focus of these types of fetish jobs.


Another type of fetish work involves being a dominatrix or a pro domme, as they are usually known. Fetish jobs like these are often freelance. Many dommes have websites advertising their fetish work. Occasionally, pro domme fetish jobs can be found working in a commercial dungeon as well. Each form of dominatrix work comes with an advantage. Being independent in your dominant fetish job puts all the money in your pocket, but work in a commercial dungeon offers security. Plus, dungeon jobs come with built in advertisement and equipment. Women new to fetish work often feel more comfortable because these jobs seem more like regular jobs.


Fetish work doesn’t have to be face to face either. There are women working fetish jobs online in a variety of settings. Some fetish work involves texting while others require talking on the phone. The possibilities are truly only limited by the woman seeking the work and the demand for what she is offering.

If you are interested in fetish jobs, do a little research and see what’s out there. You just might find something that interests you!

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