Serious Business – High Heel Foot Fetish Modeling

high heel fetishWell, after conquering the basics and finding your loyal group of foot fetishists who think you are super cute with sexy feet, obviously you are going to want to branch out and get a bit daring. And you have probably had lots of requests for specific looks and poses from your clientele, and probably they want to see your feet in heels!

Fetish models doing high heel work will give you a thousand different answers when it comes to their favourite style, brand and color. But fear not, whatever shoe you choose, you can pull in your high heel fetish clientele with a couple of very hot techniques.

  1. the Dangle. Wear your favourite pump or mary jane and take a seat in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Cross your legs, and let the shoe slip off your hanging foot. Now rock that foot up and down and let the shoe bounce along, just hanging off your toes. It’s one of the most requested and most loved looks for foot fetish models.
  2. the Pedal Pump. As you can imagine, you cross your legs and start rocking your planted foot back and forth on the point of the heel. This can be combined with the dangle and your clientele will reward you. Remember though, the name of the game is seduction and playfulness, not pumping it like you are at an aerobics class.
  3. Heel Popping. You probably have already done this a million times when you have been out all day in a pair of pumps. Try sitting in a chair with both feet on the floor, keep your toes in place and just pop the heel out of the back of the shoe, like you are just trying to get some relief. You’ll master it in a second, and then feel free to try it standing, kneeling, or even laying down.

One very important element to remember when you are performing these high heel foot fetish positions for your webcam is proper camera placement. Try keeping the camera focused on your feet and calves to ensure you are giving your clients a good show.

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