Welcome to Foot Fetish Modeling!

So you have decided to show off your sexy feet to the world! Good for you! With a little preparation, patience and creativity, your fun little side job is going to be earning you big paychecks!

So before your first show, let’s go over a few things to prepare you to be a foot fetish model. Take a good look at your feet. How are they looking today? Are your toenails neatly trimmed and clean? When you are just starting out, red toenail polish is considered the classic color for foot fetishists. Make sure it’s fresh and not chipped! You might also consider a French tip pedicure, also very popular with the foot fetish clientele base.

How about the soles of your feet? And your heels? Any nasty callouses down there? Use a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet and moisturize them so they are feeling soft and inviting. And even if you are planning on staying fully clothed, my best advice for new fetish models is to shave your legs. There are customers out there who really enjoy women with dirty feet and callouses, but that market is very narrow, and if you are just starting your foot fetish modeling job, I would advise you to present a pair of clean, inviting fresh feet to all of your new admirers out there and then let their needs and desires steer your decisions in choice of footwear, nail polish, etc.

The most important thing to remember as a new foot fetish model is that you are here to have fun and connect with your clients!

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