What Would Be Considered Alternative Modeling

what is alternative modeling

There are almost as many different kinds of modeling out there as there are models. One of the rapidly growing markets is alternative modeling. For many years modeling was very focused on a mainstream vision of what was beautiful and acceptable. Now with alternative modeling on the rise more and more men and women are finding work in an area that was before pretty limited.


Society has been making big shifts over the last few years in accepting different looks – this could be hair colors, piercings, tattoos, or other forms of body modification. Now with the growing number of people actually getting things done such as tattoos and piercings or dying their hair various unnatural colors, it’s obvious that society would want to see these same types of people represented in their media and work.


Most of the alt modeling out there has to do with particular niches or sub-cultures. Gigs may be focused on latex, leather, goth fashion, burlesque, or one of the numerous fetish niches out there. There are even publications all about tattoos and piercings and they want fetish models that have obviously dedicated part of their life to that lifestyle.


When it comes to alternative modeling, you can take what you’ve already done with your looks and use it as a jumping off point into an alt modeling career. Put those tattoos you spent your hard earned money on to good use! Those piercings your parents always said would hold you back at getting a job – prove them wrong! You have something to offer in alternative modeling and there’s always something new to try. So have an open mind and find your foot in the door to your new alternative modeling career!

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