Examples of Fetish Work in Alternative Modeling


One of the most prevalent kinds of alternative modeling is fetish modeling. Fetish modeling often is based on a sexual fetish which is a realm probably much bigger than you’d ever expect. Just about anything can be or is a fetish.


Often in society people hear the word ‘fetish’ and think it takes on some kind of negative meaning. This is such a poor way to look at not only the word but the work as well. Fetish models are no different than any other model out there, it’s just that the alternative modeling work they do is very focused. The fact that there is a layer of sexuality added to it starts people on the path to thinking that it’s wrong.


Take Playboy or Penthouse shooting decades worth of nude women. Go one step further and think of Juggs magazine. Juggs is a fetish magazine about women with big breasts. Is there something wrong and dirty with having a fetish for big boobs? This breast fetish is one that’s very mainstream and isn’t frowned upon.


So why give the term ‘fetish’ a negative connotation to begin with? It’s time to rid alternative modeling of the stigma that comes with fetish models. Alt fetish modeling has such a copious amount of topics that the work would be seemingly never ending as long as you were open to many things.


You may also be surprised by some of the examples of alternative modeling in the fetish world. Here is a brief list of some fetish modeling possibilities:


* foot fetish (bare feet, flip flops, socks, high heels)

* balloons

* getting messy with food

* modeling latex or leather clothing

* bondage

* shibari (artful rope binding)

* military attire


The beauty of fetish work in alternative modeling is that it can be about so many different topics, there just needs to be a market for it. Also, don’t think that just because it’s fetish work that it means you’re going to be doing something naked or that sex is directly involved. There are plenty of non nude fetish sites out there that hire fetish models. That’s the beauty of alternative modeling – even when something is adult or risque in a sense, it can still be clean.

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