Halloween Gigs Mean Big Business In Alternative Modeling

halloween alternative modeling

It may sound silly, but one great way to get into alternative modeling is by looking for gigs when people are shooting Halloween material. Halloween is of course known for playing dress up and people getting to be something they’re not for one night out of the year. For those in alternative modeling, what better way to get your name out there than at a time when people are wanting to actually dress up and look like you when perhaps in their normal day to day they can’t.


The market here is HUGE! Companies need photos for everything – costumes, props, advertising gigs, and so on. You’ll find everyone from mainstream costume shops to fetish sites looking to bank in on this holiday. If you’re with an alternative modeling agency, expect possible gigs to be on the rise.


Places could hire any model they want for their stuff, but they’re more likely to hire fetish models for this kind of work because they already have the certain looks they’re going for. Why go for a model that they have to put a wig on and fake tattoos when you already have cascading pink and teal hair and a sleeve of colorful artwork? With as big as the alternative modeling field is getting, there’s no reason to waste time and money on making over mainstream models for something fetish models can already offer. As an alt model, it’s all about using what you have and knowing when it will benefit you most.


Plenty of fetish models find themselves getting more work for various adult sites, fetish clothing sites, and other such places a few months before Halloween gets here. These sites want to bulk up on their material so once October is here they can start rolling out as much of the material as possible. Everyone in the business is out to make money and that includes you! Halloween is only one example of when alternative modeling finds itself as a front runner in gigs. There are plenty of other cases this rings true as well.


Alternative modeling is about playing dress up just like Halloween. What better way to add to your alternative modeling portfolio than by having the opportunity to dress up as a latex clad Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Halloween is just one of many opportunities in alternative modeling where you have the pleasure of getting to dress up as something out of the ordinary and getting paid to do so.

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