Panty Fetish Modeling

I hardly think I need to define fetishism for you, but let’s see how good you are at wrapping your tongue around this word: paraphilia. It’s defined as “a sexuoerotic embellishment of, or alternative to the official, ideological norm.

Interestingly, panty fetishism isn’t considered a paraphilia. Although I haven’t uncovered a stated reason for that, my guess is that it’s because it’s just so darn common.

The question for us here, today, though, is: How can you best play up to men with a panty fetish, when Fetish Modeling. As a Fetish Model you need to be aware of this, and be able to cater to those looking for Fetish Models who can fulfill their fantasy.

The answer depends in part on whether you’re your doing live fetish modeling, or if your on a fetish webcam show.

A good tease is a fine way to start. Pull the waistband out and let it snap back in place. Pull it down and let it snap back up. When you finally, slowly, showily take the panties off, rub them through your crotch a few times.

If you’re modeling live, include the opportunity for your client to sniff and/or lick the panties after you’ve had them on for a while. If you’re on a fetish webcam, make sure that you lick or sniff your own essence. Live fetish modeling, put the panties up to his face. On camera, put them up against the lens.


Be aware that your live client may get off on putting the panties on himself (if they’ll fit!).


For some men, the attraction is in the silky material; for others, it’s because the panties have been snugged up to your crotch.


Since panty fetishes are so common, panties should be an important part of what ever a fetish model does, excepting only those that focus specifically and narrowly on another type of fetish or interest.

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