Advanced Foot Fetish Modeling: Wet and Messy

Now don’t run off screaming because of the title of this post…wet and messy is a hot fetish that dedicated foot fetish models undoubtedly gets lots of requests for. There’s something very primal about mushing your feet around in something wet and slimy that appeals to a very deep part of the human brain, and even if you aren’t turned on by it, at least you can have fun with it while your clients who do love it really get turned on.

wet and messy foot fetish modelingSo what are the elements of Wet and Messy Fetish, otherwise known as wamplay or sploshing, specifically as it pertains to feet? Wamplay involves smearing or dipping your feet in substances like whipped cream, mud, shaving foam, custard, ice cream, pudding, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, etc and showing off the resulting mess to your clients on your webcam.

Logistically, the more advance planning you can do, the better. Instead of performing in your bedroom or a carpeted area, you might want to consider performing somewhere like the kitchen or bathroom; an area with a tiled floor and easily wiped surfaces will be preferable when you are filming your wet and messy foot fetish scenes. Failing that, at least lay out some plastic sheeting over anything hard to clean or anything you find particularly valuable.

Next, it probably goes without saying that you should keep your brand new $500 cocktail dress in the closet while you are doing wet and messy foot fetish scenes. You could try wearing a bathing suit, or at least old clothes you don’t mind getting a bit stained up. Finally, keep a basin of water and a towel at the ready just off camera for clean up.

Your clients looking for wamplay and sploshing will have specific requests, but the key is to go slow and tease; don’t give away the whole show until you have client sin the private chat area and even then, make sure you draw out the tease.

To ensure client satisfaction, make sure you let your clients know in advance you will be doing a wet and messy show, and if they have specific requests to let you know. This will let you be prepared, and if you get any unduly unusual or expensive requests (like premium champagne or caviar) you can ask your dedicated customers to cover expenses for these items up front so you won’t be out of pocket and holding the bill for an expensive no-show.

Whatever happens out there on cam, just keep a smile on your face and play directly to the needs of your clients. When you satisfy their desires, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Are you considering Foot Fetish Modeling?

If you have been considering taking a job as a Fetish model for a webcam site, but you are unsure of your limits, you might be interested in starting as a foot fetish model.  Many successful fetish models have gotten their start in foot fetish, and it’s an easy way for you to start making extra money on the side in your spare time, or even turn it into a full time job.


As is the case with every fetish, there is always someone turned on by any one aspect of the female foot. I’ll get more specific in future posts, but you don’t need a perfect foot, or a perfect size or shape to start. I guarantee that there is a man (or lots of men!) that will think your feet are perfect exactly the way they are.


Fetish modeling is about confidence, attitude, and an ability to understand your client. The most successful fetish models invest time in connecting with their best customers, asking questions, responding to needs, and anticipating desires.  I hope I can give you practical information about succeeding as a foot fetish model as well as imparting strategies on building profitable relationships with your customers that will serve you  if you are working as a fetish webcam model or in any other similar career.

Panty Fetish Modeling

I hardly think I need to define fetishism for you, but let’s see how good you are at wrapping your tongue around this word: paraphilia. It’s defined as “a sexuoerotic embellishment of, or alternative to the official, ideological norm.

Interestingly, panty fetishism isn’t considered a paraphilia. Although I haven’t uncovered a stated reason for that, my guess is that it’s because it’s just so darn common.

The question for us here, today, though, is: How can you best play up to men with a panty fetish, when Fetish Modeling. As a Fetish Model you need to be aware of this, and be able to cater to those looking for Fetish Models who can fulfill their fantasy.

The answer depends in part on whether you’re your doing live fetish modeling, or if your on a fetish webcam show.

A good tease is a fine way to start. Pull the waistband out and let it snap back in place. Pull it down and let it snap back up. When you finally, slowly, showily take the panties off, rub them through your crotch a few times.

If you’re modeling live, include the opportunity for your client to sniff and/or lick the panties after you’ve had them on for a while. If you’re on a fetish webcam, make sure that you lick or sniff your own essence. Live fetish modeling, put the panties up to his face. On camera, put them up against the lens.


Be aware that your live client may get off on putting the panties on himself (if they’ll fit!).


For some men, the attraction is in the silky material; for others, it’s because the panties have been snugged up to your crotch.


Since panty fetishes are so common, panties should be an important part of what ever a fetish model does, excepting only those that focus specifically and narrowly on another type of fetish or interest.

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