Femdom Fetish Modeling: Mistress Worship Introduction

Body worship is an integral facet to most femdom fetish fantasies, and the ability to control and direct your clientele in that area is key when pursuing femdom fetish modeling. But first, what is body worship and how does it figure into an online fetish model’s repertoire?

Body worship is any practice of physically reverencing a part of another person’s body, and is usually done as a submissive act in the context of BDSM. Typical kinds of body worship are muscle worship, foot worship, vagina worship, and ass worship. Body worship is popular among people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

femdom mistress worship fetishUsually accompanied by prostration, re-enforcing a sense of inferiority, a “sub” generally licks, kisses and sucks their dominant’s body part, and is not allowed to touch it in a more conventional way.

Worshiping a body can also be done because the worshiper is in awe of the body part and wishes to praise that beauty. Although encouragement may be provided, body worship is typically received more or less passively, the worshipped party aloof.

So in order to affect body worship from your clientele in an online setting where there is no physical contact, you must work into a session where your clients are describing their worship of you, be it your ass, your feet, boots or shoes, or just about anything. Your clients should beg to see your ass, offer you tribute, describe how they would grovel and submit to you, you should remain passive and disinterested. Only after have they satisfied you (monetarily or through descriptive language) should you reward them with fleeting glimpses of whatever your client is worshipping.

You will probably find the one-on-one of a private chat session to be the most natural setting for femdom body worship, but as you become more experienced and command respect and obedience from a dedicated core of customers, you might be able to manage a femdom body worship fetish modeling session in a general public session.

Notes and tips:
Foot Worship and Boot Worship: If you have already been doing foot fetish modeling, this will seem very natural. Withhold your feet from your clients until they have satisfied your requirements for worship. “Tell me how you want to kiss my feet” or “Why are you worthy of my foot stepping on your face?” Encourage interaction and withhold reward. When you do reward your clients after you are satisfied, make it brief, and be sure to let them though they are lucky and you still don’t think they are worthy.

Ass Worship: if you are receiving requests from your fetish modeling clients for ass worshiping clients, dress for the occasion. Wear something that really flatters your figure, but withhold visual access. Remain seated, or turn your posterior away from the camera. Only after your clients have proved their desire and sufficiently prostrated themselves, should you indulge them.

Armpit worship, vagina worship, goddess worship, etc – as noted above, the key to fulfilling worshiping fantasies for your femdom fetish modeling clients is to dress in a way that is flattering, but not entirely revealing, act disinterested and aloof, set standards and requirements — monetary or otherwise, although if you only demand payment, you deprive your client of the ability to feel the humiliation and submission that is vital to the femdom body worship fantasy. Finally, when your client has earned a reward, indulge, but in a way that lets him know you are in control and you still don’t believe he is truly worthy of your greatness.