Exploring Foot Tickle Fetish

One aspect of foot fetish modeling that is often overlooked is the age old game of foot tickling. The ability to present a fun, laughter filled foot tickling webcam show will be greatly appealing to a large audience of tickle fetish enthusiasts.

That’s easy you are saying to yourself, anyone can do that! While it’s true, undoubtedly you have been tickled by a boyfriend or someone else close to you, to do it for an audience on a webcam has a few unique considerations.

First, there’s an old adage: “You can’t tickle yourself” and for most people that’s true. Go ahead and try to tickle the sole of your foot or the sensitive patch inside your wrist. You probably didn’t even get a chuckle did you?

So unless you are performing with a partner, you are going to have to engage in a bit of play acting, even if it is just to get the ball rolling. When you start your foot tickling fetish show on your webcam, you can start by talking about your love of getting your feet tickled, how you find it erotic and so pleasurable. Think of a really genuinely funny moment in your life to put a smile on your face and start you laughing.

This is an excellent opportunity to use some props to help you out: you can buy an oversized feather or plume at a craft store and use it to tickle the soles of your feet, or you can try using a soft brush on the soles of your feet. Tickle them lightly and smile, thinking of your happy memory and let a big smile show on your lips.

Your customers will chime in on chat, telling you how sexy you look and cracking jokes. Let them. Let your foot tickling fetish sessions be free spirited and unstructured. If you have to fake a little laughter to get the ball rolling, so be it. This can be a relaxing session if you rely on your members to entertain you.

Another method you might try is to tickle your feet with a vibrator. You will surely be creating a much more sexually charged session with the vibrator present, but if that’s what you are going for, a vibrator set on High will definitely get you giggling when you trace it on the soles of your feet. A girlfriend of mine told me once that she and her boyfriend used an electric toothbrush with soft bristles to similar effect. She said she never laughed so hard in her life!

Be creative, and if you think of the audience you have on the webcam! You are surely not alone when you are playing with foot tickling fetish on your webcam.