Exploring Foot Tickle Fetish

One aspect of foot fetish modeling that is often overlooked is the age old game of foot tickling. The ability to present a fun, laughter filled foot tickling webcam show will be greatly appealing to a large audience of tickle fetish enthusiasts.

That’s easy you are saying to yourself, anyone can do that! While it’s true, undoubtedly you have been tickled by a boyfriend or someone else close to you, to do it for an audience on a webcam has a few unique considerations.

First, there’s an old adage: “You can’t tickle yourself” and for most people that’s true. Go ahead and try to tickle the sole of your foot or the sensitive patch inside your wrist. You probably didn’t even get a chuckle did you?

So unless you are performing with a partner, you are going to have to engage in a bit of play acting, even if it is just to get the ball rolling. When you start your foot tickling fetish show on your webcam, you can start by talking about your love of getting your feet tickled, how you find it erotic and so pleasurable. Think of a really genuinely funny moment in your life to put a smile on your face and start you laughing.

This is an excellent opportunity to use some props to help you out: you can buy an oversized feather or plume at a craft store and use it to tickle the soles of your feet, or you can try using a soft brush on the soles of your feet. Tickle them lightly and smile, thinking of your happy memory and let a big smile show on your lips.

Your customers will chime in on chat, telling you how sexy you look and cracking jokes. Let them. Let your foot tickling fetish sessions be free spirited and unstructured. If you have to fake a little laughter to get the ball rolling, so be it. This can be a relaxing session if you rely on your members to entertain you.

Another method you might try is to tickle your feet with a vibrator. You will surely be creating a much more sexually charged session with the vibrator present, but if that’s what you are going for, a vibrator set on High will definitely get you giggling when you trace it on the soles of your feet. A girlfriend of mine told me once that she and her boyfriend used an electric toothbrush with soft bristles to similar effect. She said she never laughed so hard in her life!

Be creative, and if you think of the audience you have on the webcam! You are surely not alone when you are playing with foot tickling fetish on your webcam.

Harder Foot Fetishes: Bondage and Bastinado


So by now you have probably had a customer or two asking (or begging) for bondage or other kinky stuff like foot spanking, known in some circles as bastinado or falaka. You may or may not know anything about bondage , but the foot bondage fetish modeling fanbase is out there and significant, so if you are game to try it. Go into it with your eyes open.

Foot bondage can be a challenge for a solo fetish model. Unless you are experienced at ropework, tying your own feet could be a clumsy, awkward free-for-all, not the sexy fetish modeling cam show your customers are paying for.

So try positions with a low degree of difficulty and a high degree of sex appeal. Practice your rope work on a single foot. Tie a small diameter rope or cord around your big toe and wind the rope across the arch of your foot and loop around the ankle, back over the sole of your foot and between the pinkie and fourth toe. Keep winding the cord, keep your pace slow and sexy and add some sensual moaning, and you’re on your way.

If ropes prove too difficult to handle, try a belt. Use a tough looking men’s belt, lie on your back with both feet in the air and belt both feet around the arches and loop around the ankles. Vamp it up and ask your clients what they want to see next.
Another sensual foot bondage fetish your clients will want to see is foot spanking, or bastinado. It has historically been a punishment for petty crime in the Eastern world, but it has a sexually charged undercurrent that your clients will find incredibly erotic.

Again, this is an activity that would be better if you have a partner, but if you are solo you can still make it work. Start by finding something you can tolerate being spanked lightly with, like a 12 inch ruler (metal, wood or plastic are all good choices) or a wooden spoon.

Kneel on a sofa or a bed with your back to the camera. Grasp the spanking object in your hand and turn around until you can spank the soles of your feet, and just go ahead and give yourself a slap. Chances are, you won’t be able to hurt yourself, so concentrate about making the best effect for your foot fetish clientele. Try and get a loud smack sound from the spoon or ruler for the best effect for your audience.

For both of these techniques, expect to put in some off-camera practice work to perfect a technique and increase your skill level. If you have a friend that’s willing to help you out, have them practice tying up your feet and spanking you. If you are choosing to explore this area of foot fetish modeling, the time you put in will be rewarded with lots of happy, paying clients.

Femdom Fetish Modeling – an Overview

When I talk to my friends who are pursuing careers as fetish models, a topic that keeps recurring is the advantages and pitfalls of femdom fetish modeling. “Femdom” is, as you may have guessed, common online slang for “Female Domination” and it can involve anything and everything from humiliation to forced feminization and bondage.

But one of the most common missteps for fetish models starting to pursue “Femdom” in webcam modeling is that it becomes an excuse to play dressup, rather than a genuine embrace of the fetish. Most of us have seen over-the-top dominatrix Halloween costumes or busty babes in leather corsets lashing huddled slaves with a bullwhip in movies or in pornography, and trying to emulate that visual effect without understanding the psychology or the personality behind femdom fetish will lead to frustration and ultimately unsatisfied clients.

A customer seeking to be dominated by a femdom fetish model will be able to tell if you are simply play-acting in a costume or if you are genuinely a girl with the right attitude. There will be a lot more information and practical advice in future posts on this subject, but the most important thing to take away from this if you are considering femdom fetish modeling is that successful femdom fetish models thrive because of what’s in their head, not just the clothes on their body.

So setting aside any thought of whipping a client’s backside or stepping on their unmentionables with your stiletto heel, let’s simply ask: Am I dominant? Can I be dominant?

Are you the girl who sets the agenda for your group of friends? Does your boyfriend go out of his way to please you? Do you easily take “no” for an answer? Or are you the one trying to please your friends, your parents, and your boyfriend? Do you find it hard to speak up when someone tells you something you don’t want to hear?

Starting to practice dominant behavior is as easy as setting standards when you are in a webcam modeling session. It doesn’t have to be anything like “Address me only as Empress Sexy Goddess my worthless slaves” but you can start be insisting that all requests must be accompanied by “please” or they will be ignored. You could insist that clients in your webcam chat area use proper spelling or proper sentence structure for reward or face punishment or expulsion. Think of it as baby steps as you are establishing your femdom persona in your pursuit of your fetish modeling career.