Female Domination Modeling and Partner Play

At some point in your career as a femdom fetish model, you may perform with a partner, either male or female, in which you are the dominant party and they are submissive to your will. Instead of engaging with your clients online and issuing instructions, you will be transferring that relationship to the partner performing with you.

You can keep it simple and “pg-13” by making your submissive partner brush your hair, rub your shoulders or massage your feet. Perhaps your online clientele would like to see your partner give you a pedicure or otherwise worship your feet.

From there, you should be feeling very comfortable with your partner, and perhaps you can start engaging in more erotic, sexually charged play for the pleasure of your clientele. Remain clothed, but order your submissive partner to strip – forced stripping or CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) is very sexually charged and should really get a positive response from your clientele.

You could take it a step further and introduced sissification and forced feminization to the dom play session. Once your male sub is naked, offer him very feminine clothing to wear instead. Think lingerie, bra and panties, or even pantyhose. Offer him a wig to wear and instruct him to put on some makeup to “look pretty.” How is your audience reacting? Take your cues from them, but remember to ultimately respect your partner and don’t violate his trust.

Other games you can play with your submissive partner can include bisex play – ask him to fellate a dildo, instruct him on proper technique and correct him when you feel he is doing it wrong. You could show him imagery of gay erotica and ask him to pleasure himself while viewing it. Again, take your cues from your online clientele, but be mindful of crossing boundaries or violating the submissive’s trust.

Stay clam, remain in control and be sexy, your partner and your clientele will be very appreciative.