Female Domination Modeling and Partner Play

At some point in your career as a femdom fetish model, you may perform with a partner, either male or female, in which you are the dominant party and they are submissive to your will. Instead of engaging with your clients online and issuing instructions, you will be transferring that relationship to the partner performing with you.

You can keep it simple and “pg-13” by making your submissive partner brush your hair, rub your shoulders or massage your feet. Perhaps your online clientele would like to see your partner give you a pedicure or otherwise worship your feet.

From there, you should be feeling very comfortable with your partner, and perhaps you can start engaging in more erotic, sexually charged play for the pleasure of your clientele. Remain clothed, but order your submissive partner to strip – forced stripping or CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) is very sexually charged and should really get a positive response from your clientele.

You could take it a step further and introduced sissification and forced feminization to the dom play session. Once your male sub is naked, offer him very feminine clothing to wear instead. Think lingerie, bra and panties, or even pantyhose. Offer him a wig to wear and instruct him to put on some makeup to “look pretty.” How is your audience reacting? Take your cues from them, but remember to ultimately respect your partner and don’t violate his trust.

Other games you can play with your submissive partner can include bisex play – ask him to fellate a dildo, instruct him on proper technique and correct him when you feel he is doing it wrong. You could show him imagery of gay erotica and ask him to pleasure himself while viewing it. Again, take your cues from your online clientele, but be mindful of crossing boundaries or violating the submissive’s trust.

Stay clam, remain in control and be sexy, your partner and your clientele will be very appreciative.

Femdom Bondage and Torment, overcoming performing alone

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when performing as a femdom fetish model is that much of what makes the fetish so sexy and appealing is that it involves a power exchange between two people: the woman dominates, the man submits. The imagery most associated with female domination involves bondage and discipline, elements that are challenging to conjure when you are working remotely from your clients and interacting over webcam.

So if you have a client who is eager to explore bondage, discipline or another masochistic fetishes, you have to be able to dominate verbally. Much like the earlier post on femdom humiliation, specific instructions are required. If your client wants to be tied up, you tell him how you want him to do it. If he does it correctly, reward him, if not, chastise him or request he punish himself. This sort of femdom bondage roleplay benefits greatly from two way cameras. Get you client to enable his webcam so you can watch him.

Activities that you can share in this matter could include CBT play (Cock and Ball Torture), self bondage, forced feminization (instruct your client to wear women’s clothes and makeup) and forced stripping.

Another alternative you can try to enhance CBT fetish play is to bring a realistic looking dildo into the session. Now that you have a substitute for your client’s own genitalia (and make sure you note how much bigger it is that your client’s own genitals), you can demonstrate how you would tie up his penis, or as the session escalates in intensity, you can try using scissors on the phallus, or even a lit cigarette!

These are just a few ideas on how you can bridge the virtual gap that divides you and your fetish modeling client. If you can overcome the difficulty of being required to physically dominate another person while you are alone, you will be very successful It takes time, practice and patience, but if you can verbalize and get obedience and submission from your clients, you will be well rewarded.

If you have trouble overcoming that lack of physical proximity, use a stand in, like a dildo, or a photograph, or even a doll. It’s about creating a fantasy experience that allows the client to feel submissive and grateful.

Advanced Foot Fetish Modeling: Wet and Messy

Now don’t run off screaming because of the title of this post…wet and messy is a hot fetish that dedicated foot fetish models undoubtedly gets lots of requests for. There’s something very primal about mushing your feet around in something wet and slimy that appeals to a very deep part of the human brain, and even if you aren’t turned on by it, at least you can have fun with it while your clients who do love it really get turned on.

wet and messy foot fetish modelingSo what are the elements of Wet and Messy Fetish, otherwise known as wamplay or sploshing, specifically as it pertains to feet? Wamplay involves smearing or dipping your feet in substances like whipped cream, mud, shaving foam, custard, ice cream, pudding, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, etc and showing off the resulting mess to your clients on your webcam.

Logistically, the more advance planning you can do, the better. Instead of performing in your bedroom or a carpeted area, you might want to consider performing somewhere like the kitchen or bathroom; an area with a tiled floor and easily wiped surfaces will be preferable when you are filming your wet and messy foot fetish scenes. Failing that, at least lay out some plastic sheeting over anything hard to clean or anything you find particularly valuable.

Next, it probably goes without saying that you should keep your brand new $500 cocktail dress in the closet while you are doing wet and messy foot fetish scenes. You could try wearing a bathing suit, or at least old clothes you don’t mind getting a bit stained up. Finally, keep a basin of water and a towel at the ready just off camera for clean up.

Your clients looking for wamplay and sploshing will have specific requests, but the key is to go slow and tease; don’t give away the whole show until you have client sin the private chat area and even then, make sure you draw out the tease.

To ensure client satisfaction, make sure you let your clients know in advance you will be doing a wet and messy show, and if they have specific requests to let you know. This will let you be prepared, and if you get any unduly unusual or expensive requests (like premium champagne or caviar) you can ask your dedicated customers to cover expenses for these items up front so you won’t be out of pocket and holding the bill for an expensive no-show.

Whatever happens out there on cam, just keep a smile on your face and play directly to the needs of your clients. When you satisfy their desires, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Harder Foot Fetishes: Bondage and Bastinado


So by now you have probably had a customer or two asking (or begging) for bondage or other kinky stuff like foot spanking, known in some circles as bastinado or falaka. You may or may not know anything about bondage , but the foot bondage fetish modeling fanbase is out there and significant, so if you are game to try it. Go into it with your eyes open.

Foot bondage can be a challenge for a solo fetish model. Unless you are experienced at ropework, tying your own feet could be a clumsy, awkward free-for-all, not the sexy fetish modeling cam show your customers are paying for.

So try positions with a low degree of difficulty and a high degree of sex appeal. Practice your rope work on a single foot. Tie a small diameter rope or cord around your big toe and wind the rope across the arch of your foot and loop around the ankle, back over the sole of your foot and between the pinkie and fourth toe. Keep winding the cord, keep your pace slow and sexy and add some sensual moaning, and you’re on your way.

If ropes prove too difficult to handle, try a belt. Use a tough looking men’s belt, lie on your back with both feet in the air and belt both feet around the arches and loop around the ankles. Vamp it up and ask your clients what they want to see next.
Another sensual foot bondage fetish your clients will want to see is foot spanking, or bastinado. It has historically been a punishment for petty crime in the Eastern world, but it has a sexually charged undercurrent that your clients will find incredibly erotic.

Again, this is an activity that would be better if you have a partner, but if you are solo you can still make it work. Start by finding something you can tolerate being spanked lightly with, like a 12 inch ruler (metal, wood or plastic are all good choices) or a wooden spoon.

Kneel on a sofa or a bed with your back to the camera. Grasp the spanking object in your hand and turn around until you can spank the soles of your feet, and just go ahead and give yourself a slap. Chances are, you won’t be able to hurt yourself, so concentrate about making the best effect for your foot fetish clientele. Try and get a loud smack sound from the spoon or ruler for the best effect for your audience.

For both of these techniques, expect to put in some off-camera practice work to perfect a technique and increase your skill level. If you have a friend that’s willing to help you out, have them practice tying up your feet and spanking you. If you are choosing to explore this area of foot fetish modeling, the time you put in will be rewarded with lots of happy, paying clients.

Foot Fetish Modeling Detail Work – pedicure and nail polish

foot fetish pedicureOne of the demands of foot fetish modeling is the attention to detail. Your feet are now your moneymakers and you will probably find yourself spending more time than you used to washing, exfoliating, moisturizing and painting your toenails. But your clients are such big fans of your feet, they would probably love to share this time with you!

Pedicure fetish is a sweet niche to cultivate in terms of finding a foot fetish modeling clientele. It’s maintenance you would be doing anyway, but now you can charge admission for the privilege of watching.

The secret to creating a clientele loyal and willing to pay to be a part of your pedicure regime is that you are sharing an intimate moment with them. It doesn’t have to be lurid or sexual, it’s time your clients (your fans!) can spend with you and it doesn’t feel like a performance.

So what’s your pedicure routine? How does that play for the camera? Make sure the camera is focused on your feet (you can even put the cam in your lap). Do you moisturize your feet? Give your feet a long, comforting rubdown. Do you use toe spreaders? Take your time making sure they fit just right. Rub your polish off one toe at a time and let the camera get a good look at your naked toenails.

Make sure you are verbalizing the entire time, be specific about what brands of products you use, where you shop. Take your time. Do a good job. If you work with a partner, have them do your nails, or vice versa. Pedicure fetish modeling is all about creating a personal moment between you and your client.