Femdom Bondage and Torment, overcoming performing alone

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when performing as a femdom fetish model is that much of what makes the fetish so sexy and appealing is that it involves a power exchange between two people: the woman dominates, the man submits. The imagery most associated with female domination involves bondage and discipline, elements that are challenging to conjure when you are working remotely from your clients and interacting over webcam.

So if you have a client who is eager to explore bondage, discipline or another masochistic fetishes, you have to be able to dominate verbally. Much like the earlier post on femdom humiliation, specific instructions are required. If your client wants to be tied up, you tell him how you want him to do it. If he does it correctly, reward him, if not, chastise him or request he punish himself. This sort of femdom bondage roleplay benefits greatly from two way cameras. Get you client to enable his webcam so you can watch him.

Activities that you can share in this matter could include CBT play (Cock and Ball Torture), self bondage, forced feminization (instruct your client to wear women’s clothes and makeup) and forced stripping.

Another alternative you can try to enhance CBT fetish play is to bring a realistic looking dildo into the session. Now that you have a substitute for your client’s own genitalia (and make sure you note how much bigger it is that your client’s own genitals), you can demonstrate how you would tie up his penis, or as the session escalates in intensity, you can try using scissors on the phallus, or even a lit cigarette!

These are just a few ideas on how you can bridge the virtual gap that divides you and your fetish modeling client. If you can overcome the difficulty of being required to physically dominate another person while you are alone, you will be very successful It takes time, practice and patience, but if you can verbalize and get obedience and submission from your clients, you will be well rewarded.

If you have trouble overcoming that lack of physical proximity, use a stand in, like a dildo, or a photograph, or even a doll. It’s about creating a fantasy experience that allows the client to feel submissive and grateful.