Femdom Fetish Modeling: Mistress Worship Introduction

Body worship is an integral facet to most femdom fetish fantasies, and the ability to control and direct your clientele in that area is key when pursuing femdom fetish modeling. But first, what is body worship and how does it figure into an online fetish model’s repertoire?

Body worship is any practice of physically reverencing a part of another person’s body, and is usually done as a submissive act in the context of BDSM. Typical kinds of body worship are muscle worship, foot worship, vagina worship, and ass worship. Body worship is popular among people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

femdom mistress worship fetishUsually accompanied by prostration, re-enforcing a sense of inferiority, a “sub” generally licks, kisses and sucks their dominant’s body part, and is not allowed to touch it in a more conventional way.

Worshiping a body can also be done because the worshiper is in awe of the body part and wishes to praise that beauty. Although encouragement may be provided, body worship is typically received more or less passively, the worshipped party aloof.

So in order to affect body worship from your clientele in an online setting where there is no physical contact, you must work into a session where your clients are describing their worship of you, be it your ass, your feet, boots or shoes, or just about anything. Your clients should beg to see your ass, offer you tribute, describe how they would grovel and submit to you, you should remain passive and disinterested. Only after have they satisfied you (monetarily or through descriptive language) should you reward them with fleeting glimpses of whatever your client is worshipping.

You will probably find the one-on-one of a private chat session to be the most natural setting for femdom body worship, but as you become more experienced and command respect and obedience from a dedicated core of customers, you might be able to manage a femdom body worship fetish modeling session in a general public session.

Notes and tips:
Foot Worship and Boot Worship: If you have already been doing foot fetish modeling, this will seem very natural. Withhold your feet from your clients until they have satisfied your requirements for worship. “Tell me how you want to kiss my feet” or “Why are you worthy of my foot stepping on your face?” Encourage interaction and withhold reward. When you do reward your clients after you are satisfied, make it brief, and be sure to let them though they are lucky and you still don’t think they are worthy.

Ass Worship: if you are receiving requests from your fetish modeling clients for ass worshiping clients, dress for the occasion. Wear something that really flatters your figure, but withhold visual access. Remain seated, or turn your posterior away from the camera. Only after your clients have proved their desire and sufficiently prostrated themselves, should you indulge them.

Armpit worship, vagina worship, goddess worship, etc – as noted above, the key to fulfilling worshiping fantasies for your femdom fetish modeling clients is to dress in a way that is flattering, but not entirely revealing, act disinterested and aloof, set standards and requirements — monetary or otherwise, although if you only demand payment, you deprive your client of the ability to feel the humiliation and submission that is vital to the femdom body worship fantasy. Finally, when your client has earned a reward, indulge, but in a way that lets him know you are in control and you still don’t believe he is truly worthy of your greatness.

Serious Business – High Heel Foot Fetish Modeling

high heel fetishWell, after conquering the basics and finding your loyal group of foot fetishists who think you are super cute with sexy feet, obviously you are going to want to branch out and get a bit daring. And you have probably had lots of requests for specific looks and poses from your clientele, and probably they want to see your feet in heels!

Fetish models doing high heel work will give you a thousand different answers when it comes to their favourite style, brand and color. But fear not, whatever shoe you choose, you can pull in your high heel fetish clientele with a couple of very hot techniques.

  1. the Dangle. Wear your favourite pump or mary jane and take a seat in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Cross your legs, and let the shoe slip off your hanging foot. Now rock that foot up and down and let the shoe bounce along, just hanging off your toes. It’s one of the most requested and most loved looks for foot fetish models.
  2. the Pedal Pump. As you can imagine, you cross your legs and start rocking your planted foot back and forth on the point of the heel. This can be combined with the dangle and your clientele will reward you. Remember though, the name of the game is seduction and playfulness, not pumping it like you are at an aerobics class.
  3. Heel Popping. You probably have already done this a million times when you have been out all day in a pair of pumps. Try sitting in a chair with both feet on the floor, keep your toes in place and just pop the heel out of the back of the shoe, like you are just trying to get some relief. You’ll master it in a second, and then feel free to try it standing, kneeling, or even laying down.

One very important element to remember when you are performing these high heel foot fetish positions for your webcam is proper camera placement. Try keeping the camera focused on your feet and calves to ensure you are giving your clients a good show.

Foot Domination Fetish Modeling – An Overview

foot dominationFoot Domination is a good way to enter into Femdom fetish modeling. You can exercise your dominant persona, and if you are just starting out in this pursuit, it gives you a chance to work on a specific area of domination to build your confidence and win a loyal client base.

In online fetish erotica and pornography, foot domination generally refers to a dominant female figure (the “FemDom” or “Domme”) commanding obedience and subservience from a male or female submissive partner (the “sub”) in the form of foot worshipping, groveling, shoe and high heel kissing or licking; stepping or trampling on the sub’s body is also highly desired imagery. It is generally accompanied by derisive and demeaning language, strong verbal commands, scolding and specific instruction. To make foot domination work as a fetish webcam model working solo, you are going to have to focus on the verbal and psychological component.

So let’s assume you are in your webcam studio space, wherever you might have that set up. It’s important to be prepared for most foot domination femdom fetish scenarios: you don’t have to be clad head-to-toe in a latex catsuit and eight inch stiletto boots, but dress the part. If you feel more confident and in charge wearing high heels, by all means, wear a pair that shows attitude. If your client wants something else, you let him know that this is what you feel like wearing today, and if he wants you to change into something else, he will have to earn it.

Femdom foot domination fetish modeling will also require a much more verbal component. Don’t type your commands to your customers; speak them directly to the webcam. Issue commands and demand appropriate responses. “Tell me how much you would love to kiss my feet.” Indulge your customers’ fantasy by scolding them. “Your poor attitude and dirty mind deserves punishment. If you were here I would step on your face with my feet and make you lick the sole of my shoe.”

Online foot domination fetish modeling will require imagination. If you are just new to femdom role-playing, you will be challenged by becoming credibly dominant and convincing to your clientele; you will be doing solo and exclusively verbally and psychologically a fetish that is most commonly depicted in photos and videos by two participants in clearly defined domme and sub roles. It takes practice, but it can be done and the rewards for this type of fetish modeling can be lucrative.

Dip your toe in: Bare Foot Fetish Modeling

It’s the big day, your first show as a foot fetish model is moments away from starting. Your feet are looking cute and you are feeling sexy (and probably a little nervous!). What are you going to do for the webcam?


Since it’s your first day, let’s keep the killer heels on the shelf and talk about the bare foot and how much of your foot fetish clientele loves the simplicity of the naked, sexy female foot.
Bare foot fetish models don’t need to have perfect feet to succeed in webcam modeling; in fact, having quirky feet might be your biggest asset! When you are showing off your sexy feet and toes, try and keep it feeling natural. Remember, success in fetish modeling is about pushing your comfort level gradually. When you are just starting out modeling your bare feet, try wiggling your toes! There are four basic moves you can master with simply your toes and soles of your feet that will excite your customers and put you on your way to confident foot fetish modeling.


  1. The spread. As simple as it sounds. Spread your toes as wide as you can and really let the camera get a good close up. Be prepared to hold your feet in place for the webcam. It’s really important to establish yourself as a personality for your foot fetish clientele, so start describing each of your toes for the camera. If you’ve got a second toe that’s longer than your big toe (like me!) make sure you point that out, and wiggle them both to let everyone see.
  2. The crunch. Take your toes and ball them up into little fists. Open and close your toes for the camera. I know it sounds silly, but these basic bare foot fetish modeling moves let your clientele get a really good look at the shape of your feet and toes, and on the most basic level, that’s what they want to know about you first and foremost. It’s okay to get a little silly here…try and pick up a pen, or a hairbrush and your clientele will let you know what they want!
  3. Arched Sole. Stretch the sole of your foot so the skin is taut and smooth for the webcam. Either do this one with your foot in the air and stretch out your foot, or put your toes on the ground and stretch your sole, as if you are wearing an invisible high heel shoe.
  4. Wrinkled sole. This look is a really big turn-on for a big portion for a large portion of your foot fetish clientele, and it’s simple to master. Just curl your toes downward and wrinkle the soles of your foot! Remember this look as one of the secret weapons of foot fetish modeling!

When you are doing bare foot fetish modeling webcam shows, it’s important to ask your clients what they like and what else you could be doing to make them happy. A satisfied customer whose needs are taken care of will stay with you (and keep paying you) for a long time!

Femdom Fetish Modeling – an Overview

When I talk to my friends who are pursuing careers as fetish models, a topic that keeps recurring is the advantages and pitfalls of femdom fetish modeling. “Femdom” is, as you may have guessed, common online slang for “Female Domination” and it can involve anything and everything from humiliation to forced feminization and bondage.

But one of the most common missteps for fetish models starting to pursue “Femdom” in webcam modeling is that it becomes an excuse to play dressup, rather than a genuine embrace of the fetish. Most of us have seen over-the-top dominatrix Halloween costumes or busty babes in leather corsets lashing huddled slaves with a bullwhip in movies or in pornography, and trying to emulate that visual effect without understanding the psychology or the personality behind femdom fetish will lead to frustration and ultimately unsatisfied clients.

A customer seeking to be dominated by a femdom fetish model will be able to tell if you are simply play-acting in a costume or if you are genuinely a girl with the right attitude. There will be a lot more information and practical advice in future posts on this subject, but the most important thing to take away from this if you are considering femdom fetish modeling is that successful femdom fetish models thrive because of what’s in their head, not just the clothes on their body.

So setting aside any thought of whipping a client’s backside or stepping on their unmentionables with your stiletto heel, let’s simply ask: Am I dominant? Can I be dominant?

Are you the girl who sets the agenda for your group of friends? Does your boyfriend go out of his way to please you? Do you easily take “no” for an answer? Or are you the one trying to please your friends, your parents, and your boyfriend? Do you find it hard to speak up when someone tells you something you don’t want to hear?

Starting to practice dominant behavior is as easy as setting standards when you are in a webcam modeling session. It doesn’t have to be anything like “Address me only as Empress Sexy Goddess my worthless slaves” but you can start be insisting that all requests must be accompanied by “please” or they will be ignored. You could insist that clients in your webcam chat area use proper spelling or proper sentence structure for reward or face punishment or expulsion. Think of it as baby steps as you are establishing your femdom persona in your pursuit of your fetish modeling career.

Welcome to Foot Fetish Modeling!

So you have decided to show off your sexy feet to the world! Good for you! With a little preparation, patience and creativity, your fun little side job is going to be earning you big paychecks!

So before your first show, let’s go over a few things to prepare you to be a foot fetish model. Take a good look at your feet. How are they looking today? Are your toenails neatly trimmed and clean? When you are just starting out, red toenail polish is considered the classic color for foot fetishists. Make sure it’s fresh and not chipped! You might also consider a French tip pedicure, also very popular with the foot fetish clientele base.

How about the soles of your feet? And your heels? Any nasty callouses down there? Use a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet and moisturize them so they are feeling soft and inviting. And even if you are planning on staying fully clothed, my best advice for new fetish models is to shave your legs. There are customers out there who really enjoy women with dirty feet and callouses, but that market is very narrow, and if you are just starting your foot fetish modeling job, I would advise you to present a pair of clean, inviting fresh feet to all of your new admirers out there and then let their needs and desires steer your decisions in choice of footwear, nail polish, etc.

The most important thing to remember as a new foot fetish model is that you are here to have fun and connect with your clients!

Are you considering Foot Fetish Modeling?

If you have been considering taking a job as a Fetish model for a webcam site, but you are unsure of your limits, you might be interested in starting as a foot fetish model.  Many successful fetish models have gotten their start in foot fetish, and it’s an easy way for you to start making extra money on the side in your spare time, or even turn it into a full time job.


As is the case with every fetish, there is always someone turned on by any one aspect of the female foot. I’ll get more specific in future posts, but you don’t need a perfect foot, or a perfect size or shape to start. I guarantee that there is a man (or lots of men!) that will think your feet are perfect exactly the way they are.


Fetish modeling is about confidence, attitude, and an ability to understand your client. The most successful fetish models invest time in connecting with their best customers, asking questions, responding to needs, and anticipating desires.  I hope I can give you practical information about succeeding as a foot fetish model as well as imparting strategies on building profitable relationships with your customers that will serve you  if you are working as a fetish webcam model or in any other similar career.

Foot Fetish Modeling

There are many opportunities for a Fetish Model. One of these is showing off your sexy feet. Do you have cute feet? Feet that would turn men on when videoed by a fetish webcam? Feet that could land you a bunch of fetish jobs? If fetish modeling is your aspiration, you may find a fetish job by showing off your feet in front of a fetish webcam.
Guys love to look at girls’ little piggies…and arches and ankles and the hose that encase them. Fetish models don’t have to have beautiful bods, flowering pussies, or big boobs. Sometimes all you need is cute feet. There are foot fetishists out there who will pay to see Fetish Models show off their dainty feet for a fetish webcam. Fetish jobs are many and various, and some of them involve nothing more than showing off sexy feet.
Do you have sexy feet? You can make a bundle in front of the fetish webcam as a fetish model showing off nothing but your sexy feet…in nylons, in high heels, or totally bare. As a Fetish Model, the world is at your feet…literally! If you enjoy making money and turning guys on at the same time, consider a fetish job as a Fetish Model, showing off your sexy feet before a fetish webcam. The opportunity is yours for the taking!

Panty Fetish Modeling

I hardly think I need to define fetishism for you, but let’s see how good you are at wrapping your tongue around this word: paraphilia. It’s defined as “a sexuoerotic embellishment of, or alternative to the official, ideological norm.

Interestingly, panty fetishism isn’t considered a paraphilia. Although I haven’t uncovered a stated reason for that, my guess is that it’s because it’s just so darn common.

The question for us here, today, though, is: How can you best play up to men with a panty fetish, when Fetish Modeling. As a Fetish Model you need to be aware of this, and be able to cater to those looking for Fetish Models who can fulfill their fantasy.

The answer depends in part on whether you’re your doing live fetish modeling, or if your on a fetish webcam show.

A good tease is a fine way to start. Pull the waistband out and let it snap back in place. Pull it down and let it snap back up. When you finally, slowly, showily take the panties off, rub them through your crotch a few times.

If you’re modeling live, include the opportunity for your client to sniff and/or lick the panties after you’ve had them on for a while. If you’re on a fetish webcam, make sure that you lick or sniff your own essence. Live fetish modeling, put the panties up to his face. On camera, put them up against the lens.


Be aware that your live client may get off on putting the panties on himself (if they’ll fit!).


For some men, the attraction is in the silky material; for others, it’s because the panties have been snugged up to your crotch.


Since panty fetishes are so common, panties should be an important part of what ever a fetish model does, excepting only those that focus specifically and narrowly on another type of fetish or interest.

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